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Your Expert Industrial Real Estate Broker in Costa Mesa

Southern California’s specialist for buying, selling, and leasing office warehouse and light industrial properties.


Industrial properties are one of the more complex types of real estate.  Realistically, not all properties can accommodate all types of industrial, manufacturing, and warehousing work.  So, effective communication between property owners and potential tenants or buyers becomes absolutely essential – as is a deep understanding of local laws, zoning regulations, and the various operational needs of different business models.  This is where we thrive.

Are you a business owner looking to expand into a new space?
Are you a landlord or investor looking to fill vacancies or purchase new properties?

At Allwest Properties, we’ve spent more than 25 years representing buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords in real estate transactions for industrial and manufacturing properties.  Our client list includes big box distributors, manufacturers, food possessors, multi-tenant properties, research and development companies, and warehouse facilities.

The team at Allwest Properties has a long-established reputation for being the most trusted industrial commercial real estate broker in Costa Mesa and beyond.  Our success stems from our progressive, comprehensive approach and our commitment to aligning clients’ business strategies with customized real estate solutions.  

Regardless of whether we’re representing a property owner or tenant, we’re committed to understanding the implications of each industrial product type and/or operational model – and making the best-suited recommendations.

Your Local Industrial Real Estate Broker for Costa Mesa & Other Orange County Locations

For Expanding Businesses

  • Site Selection
  • Tenant Lease Negotiations
  • Tenant Improvement Contracts
  • Economic Analysis of Leases

For Landlords & Property Owners

  • New Lease Negotiations
  • Lease Renewal Negotiations
  • Tenant Searches
  • Market Rent Analyses

For Industrial Sales

  • Seller Representation
  • Industrial Valuations
  • Business Sales Packaging 
  • Lease Renewal Negotiations

For Real Estate Investors

  • Buyer Representation
  • Property/Business Valuations
  • Unsolicited Offer Strategies
  • Property Management

Why Tenants Need an Industrial Commercial Real Estate Broker, Too.

Buyers, sellers, and landlords are more likely to recognize their need for a broker than tenants.  Here’s a quick look into why you should hire a local industrial commercial real estate broker for Costa Mesa and other Orange County locations.

Site selection is complex.  Especially for industrial and light-manufacturing businesses, finding the ideal location requires both industry and area expertise.  It’s essential to have professional guidance, so you aren’t at-risk of discovering (after moving in) that some of your operations violate a local ordinance, zoning regulation, or property rule.

Lease negotiations can bring the perfect location within reach.  Many tenants don’t realize that leases can be negotiated, and they pass on locations they don’t think they can afford.  From rental rates to site improvement allowances to financial responsibility for certain utilities, tenant negotiations can make a massive difference for your bottom line.

As the leading industrial commercial real estate broker in Costa Mesa, we are your Southern California experts.  We guide you through every stage of the site selection process – ensuring you’ve chosen a location that sets you up for success.  Then, we take the lead with your lease negotiations – helping to minimize your build-out and ongoing operational costs.  

Let our experience in the local industrial real estate industry give you the edge you need to thrive in this incredibly competitive market.