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Your Expert Restaurant Commercial Real Estate Broker in Costa Mesa

Southern California’s specialist for buying, selling, and leasing restaurants and bars.

A restaurant’s success is dependent on its location.  Of course, many other factors also have a major impact – but if guests never find the new restaurant or costs are so high that menu prices become prohibitive for your target demographic, then amazing food and great service won’t matter.  Success begins when the right restaurateurs connect with the right property owners.

Are you a restaurateur looking to open a new location or sell the one you have?
Are you a landlord or investor looking to fill vacancies or purchase new properties?

We’re here to help.  The team at Allwest Properties has a long-established reputation for being the most trusted restaurant commercial real estate broker in Costa Mesa and beyond.

Your Local Restaurant Commercial Real Estate Broker for Costa Mesa & Other Orange County Locations

For New Restaurants & Franchises

  • Site Selection
  • Tenant Lease Negotiations
  • Tenant Improvement Contracts
  • Economic Analysis of Lease Deals

For Landlords & Property Owners

  • New Lease Negotiations
  • Lease Renewal Negotiations
  • Tenant Searches
  • Market Rent Analyses

For Restaurant Owners

  • Seller Representation
  • Tenant Representation
  • Commercial Valuations
  • Business Sales Packaging 
  • Lease Renewal Negotiations

For Real Estate Investors

  • Buyer Representation
  • Property/Business Valuations
  • Unsolicited Offer Strategies
  • Property Management

Why Tenants Need a Restaurant Commercial Real Estate Broker?

Buyers, sellers, and landlords are more likely to recognize their need for a broker than tenants (aka restaurateurs).  Here’s a quick look into why you should hire a local restaurant commercial real estate broker for Costa Mesa and other Orange County locations.

Site selection is complex.  The ideal restaurant location addresses a wide range of elements, such as community demographics, site visibility, traffic counts, parking, health requirements, neighborhood reputation, space size, site logistics, and affordability.

Lease negotiations can bring the perfect location within reach.  Many restaurateurs don’t realize that leases can be negotiated, and they pass on locations they don’t think they can afford.  But we know better. From rental rates to site improvement allowances to financial responsibility for certain utilities, tenant negotiations can make a massive difference for your bottom line.

As the leading restaurant commercial real estate broker in Costa Mesa, we are your Southern California experts.  We guide you through every stage of the site selection process – ensuring you’ve chosen a location that sets you up for success.  Then, we take the lead with your lease negotiations – helping to minimize your build-out and ongoing operational costs.  

Let our experience in the food and beverage industry give you the edge you need to thrive in this incredibly competitive business.